Paediatric Physiotherapy

HouseCalls Physiotherapy has the experience and expertise to provide the treatment you need for your child. It may be a block of treatment to achieve a specific goal, a summer program or an interim measure while you wait for publicly funded treatment.  If your child does not qualify for, or has been discharged from publicly funded physiotherapy treatment, HouseCalls is only a phone call away. We have experience providing paediatric physiotherapy treatment for infants, toddlers and school-aged children in various settings. Our approach is family goal oriented. We provide treatment for any condition from torticollis to developmental coordination disorder to cerebral palsy, and we have training in neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT).  We can assess for and  prescribe mobility devices such as walkers, standers, strollers and wheelchairs, and complete  Assistive Devices Program applications for funding. HouseCalls provides visits wherever your child spends his or her time, including home, school and daycare. Coverage is often available through your employer’s extended health benefit package. Insurers and case managers please note that HouseCalls has experience providing treatment for paediatric acquired brain injury and multiple trauma as a result of motor vehicle accident.

For more information or to request a visit please contact us.