Recovery From Work Injuries


If you have injured yourself at work, HouseCalls Physiotherapy can help get you back to work and keep you at work. Visits can be provided at home or at your place of work to facilitate your recovery. Ergonomic changes to your work environment can be recommended after a site assessment.  We are  trained in the Matheson Approach to ergonomic evaluation and work hardening. Home visits are effective for early rehabilitation of serious injuries, or for workers whose circumstances prevent them from attending a clinic.  Local fitness centres can be used for work hardening and therapeutic exercise.  Site visits are effective for the return-to-work phase, in order to insure that the work environment is suitable in relation to the injured worker and to establish any ergonomic or work modifications to help the worker get back on the job sooner and without re-injury. Coverage may be available through WSIB.  If the cause of pain or injury is multifactoral and there is no WSIB claim, employers will often cover the cost of a site visit for ergonomic assessment, especially if it will prevent you from having to take time off work or make a claim. Coverage is also available through your extended health plan if you have a benefit package from your employer.

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact us.